Jumbo Curly Bully Stick Dog Chews 12"

Jumbo Curly Bully Stick Dog Chews 12"

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Key Features:

• Curly Bully Sticks made of 100% Beef
• Spiral in Shape, making it easy to grasp
• Perfect Chew Size for Small, Medium and Large Dogs
• All-natural, Preservative-free, Additive-free dog treat
• Free of Hormones and Steroids
• High in Protein and Low in Fat
• USDA approved
• Great Alternative to Dog Chews

Treat your dog to a fun training with the perks of Curly Bully Sticks given right after it rolled, jumped, and shook hands with you. End the boredom by tossing and springing the curly sticks up and down while your dog chases them. The curled end makes it easy for your dog to grasp the bully stick, making chewing easier. Made of 100% bull pizzle, the savory flavor makes large-sized dogs craving for more.

Bully sticks made of bull pizzle is almost a whole chunk of protein. It’s even complemented by more wholesome nutrients while its fat content is maintained at a very low level. Although packed with nutrients, bully sticks are guaranteed digestible by dogs.

Curly Bully Sticks are prepared and preserved naturally without the use of additives, preservatives, hormones, and steroids. No harmful chemicals are added that may eventually induce diseases to your dog. Although the swirly presentation makes a playful aura, they are great for teeth care.

Curly Bully Sticks are pleasing to your dog’s stomach and eyes. While the sticks are meticulously preserved to achieve the dry, chewy texture, all the flavors are sealed in crafting a satiating treat for your dog. The chewy texture is exciting enough as it will keep your dog chomping and gnawing at the bully twirls for hours. And during the chewing action, dog’s gums are massaged and the teeth scraped of plaque. The twirls and swirls, on another note, create a bubbly treat that dogs can play with – capping off the entire roll of advantages.

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